What is CBD?
Cannabis oil is the concentrated liquid extract of the marijuana plant, Cannabis sativa. Similar to other herbal extracts, the chemicals in cannabis oils vary depending on how the extract is made and what chemicals were in the plant to begin with. Cannabis plants produce thousands of compounds but the most well recognized belong to a class called cannabinoids. There are several cannabinoids but the two that are most well-known among consumers are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). THC is the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana and it is what people are searching for when they want a product that gives them a “high.” Unlike THC, CBD isn’t known to cause psychoactive effects, and is therefore attractive to those who want to avoid the high but who believe there are other benefits of CBD.

What’s the ideal serving size for me, how do I take it, and how often should I take it?
Everyone is different.  What works for you, may not for someone else. Some customers prefer 5 drops, some prefer over 40-50 drops per day.  You can drop under the tongue, hold for a few seconds, and then swallow. You can also follow it with any type of preferred drink (not alcohol).

How do I know how much is in each drop?
The 250mg bottle has .28mg of CBD in each drop.  The 1500mg bottle has 1.67mg in each drop.  The 3000mg bottle has 3.33mg in each drop.

Can I purchase your products in a store?
We are strictly an online retailer. We found offering our products online helps us reach places we normally could not reach, and most importantly, you can shop from the comfort of your own home – warm coffee or tea in hand.

How many drops are in a bottle?
There are 900 drops in each bottle.

Everyone claims they have the “highest quality” oil.  What makes yours the best?
The process which we extract the oil from the Hemp is what sets us a part from all other oils. We use a slow, cool, kind process that does not damage the cannabinoids VS a high heat process which damages the cannabinoids.  We accomplish this from years of research and development.  We have patented technology that we started using many years ago on trees to extract the lignin to create products like paper. We now solely use the technology for Hemp extraction.

Will CBD help my condition?
Note: Due to federal regulations, we cannot make claims about whether or not natural CBD hemp oil can help with specific ailments. We do however urge everyone to research the widely available information online. You can easily find many resources about CBD hemp oil and its possible benefits.

Experts say that CBD might be able to treat epilepsy (where most research has focused), although results are mixed. Other conditions it might treat are Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, anxiety, depression, and other maladies. CBD may ease inflammation, provide antioxidants, and relieve pain.

Which one of your products is good for me?
The 250mg CBD oil bottle is good for daily maintenance.  The 1500mg CBD oil is good for chronic conditions.  The 3000mg CBD oil bottle is for serious ailments and immediate pain relief.

Will CBD oil get me high?
No, all of our products are non-psychoactive.

What other (if any) cannabinoids are in your products?
Our full-spectrum CBD oil contains high concentrations of CBD and also other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, CBDA, and CBDV. These beneficial cannabinoids are not psychoactive and are being studied scientifically for a wide variety of health benefits. Cannabinoids work synergistically together with what is known as the entourage effect.

Is it safe for children and/or pets?
Again, we cannot administer medical advice.  But, we can report that many toddlers are taking these products daily for many of the same medical conditions that teens and adults are using it for.

Again, we cannot administer medical advice.  But, we can report that many toddlers are taking these products daily for many of the same medical conditions that teens and adults are using it for. Also, customer feedback has been given that pets who take these products daily have no ill effects.

What is the shelf life “expiry” of CBD oil?
If stored properly, an opened bottle will maintain its freshness for 12 months. Refrigerate after opening. Shake well before each use.

Is Hemp CBD Oil legal to buy?
Yes, hemp CBD oil is legal. You do not require a permit or recommendation from your doctor to buy Hemp Extract. It can be purchased online and shipped to your home, anywhere in the U.S.

Do you source your own hemp?
Our CBD oil is extracted from organic hemp plants cultivated on licensed farms in Colorado – nourished with Rocky Mountain water and lots of sunshine, Oregon – with their picturesque landscape of forests, mountains, farms and beaches and North Carolina – with the oldest mountains on Earth – all  grown the way nature intended and harvested at peak perfection.

Will I fail a drug test?
It is very rare for someone to fail a drug test.  All of our oils contain very little traces of THC.  Less than .4% which is the legal limit for Hemp products.  However, there have been cases where someone did.  Every individual is different.  Weight, Metabolism, Dosage are all factors.

Are you USDA certified?
The USDA has made the statement that they will not certify any hemp products grown in the United States at this time. We ensure that our CBD oil is 100% organic. Our CBD oil is lab-tested as soon as it is extracted by a third party lab, to ensure an accurate amount of CBD. In addition, we test for over 200 pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. We use cutting-edge testing and world-class equipment to ensure that our products are safe and healthy.

Is this legal?
As a result of Section 7606 of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (“Farm Bill”) regarding industrial hemp, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in consult with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), recently published a notice in the Federal Register (August 12, 2016; 81 FR 53395).

Is your CBD a whole plant extract, synthetic, or an isolate?
We would never sacrifice quality by providing a synthetic CBD or CBD isolate blend. We use a whole plant extract that is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial oils. The Hadassah Medical School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem sought to compare the effectiveness of a completely purified CBD extract versus a full-spectrum extract of cannabis flowers containing large quantities of CBD. The conclusion of the study was that the whole plant extract, which contained a large percentage of CBD but also contained traces of the other cannabinoids, proved far more effective than CBD-only solutions in alleviating inflammation and pain sensation.

Do your products contain other chemicals or “proprietary ingredients”?
Our CBD oil has only one ingredient, hemp. Our extracts contain 100% organic cold pressed hemp oil and our full spectrum CBD concentrate. There are no other additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, or flavorings.

How do you extract the CBD and other cannabinoids from the raw plant material?
We use green extraction methods that utilize CO2, which leaves behind no toxins, heavy metals, or chemicals to degrade the product in any way. CO2 is safe to use in food products and commonly found in carbonated beverages, and our bodies even produce CO2 when we breathe.

How much should CBD oil cost?
We leave this up to the consumer to decide. There are many sites offering similar products, but charge outrageous prices. If you find a similar product on a competitor’s site, please email us the link and we will discount your order. We believe in quality over quantity.

What extraction process do you use ?
While 90% of all extracts are made with Butane (fossil fuel/high pressure), Propane (fossil fuel/high pressure) or Supercritical C02 (extremely high pressure), our manufacturers use of natural product developers and scientists craft a slow and gentle ethanol extraction to preserve the trichomes, cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids for the most natural and delicious tincture we have ever made.

How do you ship your orders?
We use discreet shipping labels and packages.  The shipment will come from MCBD LLC.
We ship anywhere in the USA for FREE!
Free shipping – USPS First Class (3-4 mailing days)

Do you give away freebies?
As a matter of fact we do. Any customer that leaves us a review here, will receive a small thank you pack of gummies (usually 5 gummies). Additionally, each customer has the potential to earn FREE products by earning points on each order.

Can I return a product?
Yes, under certain conditions, we will accept returns. For more information, please see our returns page.

Is there a disclaimer?

Yes, please click here.

If you can not find the answers you are looking for here, please send us an email with our contact form.

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